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Our Story
The Algafeed Story is an exciting, unfolding history that deals with a focused and purposeful goal to resolve a global aquaculture need for abundant, high quality microalgae.
  • Nature has been adequately growing microalgae using CO2, nutrients, and the power of photosynthesis (light/energy) for over 2 billion years.
  • But the global offering of adequate clean air, clean water, and sufficient microalgae is already challenged by a wide variety of environmental factors.
  • The demand for man-farmed seafood has exploded and represents more than 50% of all current global consumption.
  • Algafeed has exclusive licensing rights of a patented technology to grow more microalgae in a smaller footprint, faster, and cheaper than any other known process.
  • We are now poised to license this technology worldwide in addition to the USA based direct sale of our microalgae to the global shrimp, shellfish (oyster, clam, mussel…) and fin fish hatcheries and nurseries.
  • Our complete range of microalgae is live, natural, high density daily harvested biomass of unequaled nutritional value.
  • Our customers are rewarded with a reliable supply of microalgae, a consistent quality resulting in increased survival rates.
  • We pride ourselves with their increased growth rates, better quality, and higher profits. And our story has just begun!
And our story has just begun!